About Golden Touch Writing and Editing

Golden Touch Writing & Editing Services is an alliance of skilled professionals with a knack for producing unique, creative copy that grabs attention and gets results. We specialize in unconventionally innovative projects that help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Do you need persuasive copy that wins over customers?
  • Do you want fact-based content marketing pieces that establish your business as an expert in the field?
  • Are you looking for a snarky takedown of your competitors to highlight your unique selling
    point (USP)?

Our pool of experienced talent knows journalism, satire, blogging, and corporate communications, using their expertise to shape your message and get it where it needs to go. We’re dedicated to excellence and have handled press releases, marketing materials, blog posts, product descriptions, Twitter updates, and almost every other form of written communication imaginable.

If you need something creative, original, and attention-getting to put your best foot forward, you should enlist the help of Golden Touch Writing & Editing Services. E-mail us today!